We boost the soils with insufficient clay to render them suitable for agriculture thanks to natural soil improver minerals that we manufacture. Our product, launched with Eriland brand, enhances efficiency, and has an enriching, soil aerator effect.



       Our natural minerals properly adsorb gas molecules by virtue of their gas adsorption feature. It can reverse the water adsorption without making any physical or chemical progress, due to its water adsorption/desorption qualities. It boosts efficiency by keeping and releasing valuable nutrients such as ammonia, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other elements slowly since it has the capability to exchange cations.

The natural minerals, utilized for the production of EriLand, act as if a sponge by dint of its unique qualities. The water, which is absorbed, drawn, and collected by the tiny zeolite granules, adjusts conditions for aeration of the root after being mixed into the soil.


Our Applications