The Healthiest
Animal Litter

Make a gain in terms of animal welfare, environment health, and workload.

Productive and Organic

Support Products

Harvests with our absolutely organic agricultural products
produced from minerals in Turkey.

Agricultural Support Products
Sewege Treatment with %100 Natural Products

Natural Friendly

We protect the nature and environment.

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Entirely Natural

Natural & Quality

Not have any doubts in your mind thanks to our dependable mining structures in Turkey.

Raw Materials
Pet Litters

Healthy, Clean
& Odorless

We endeavor to produce the best ones for you.


Our Enterprise

With Its Inland &
Organic Products

Zeolite, kaolin, sepiolite, bentonite are our mines with rich deposits. These minerals, completely natural, have not only increasing value around the world but also they have been utilized in various sectors such as agriculture, chemistry, industry, cosmetics, animal husbandry and health. With our technological investments, business associates, we endeavor to develop a product in animal feed additives, animal mats, agricultural support products, industrial areas. We have provided raw materials and final product supply to a myriad of customers by manufacturing precious and qualified products through the highest quality layers of these valuable minerals.


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We respond to your questions within a few hours.


We deliver the products properly and on time.



We commit to resolving your issue or request with special solutions.

Trouble-free Operation

We work meticulously not to arise a problem in all operations.

Affordable Prices

We offer the most convenient product with an affordable price policy.

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Modern Animal Litter

With Eripad, we provide more hygienic litter at a lower cost compared to sawdust and rice.


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Agricultural Support Products

Cosmetic and Industrial Products

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Next Gen Animal Litters


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Sepiolite, zeolite clinoptilolite, and kaolin, with big bag sack, to use for wholesale, feed supplements, animal litter, and environmental practices