Kaolin clay has been used as an antitoxic detox material in many products. The amount of its consumption has increased gradually due to the demand for natural products. The usage of ericlay for burns, rashes, stink, and bleeding has been ubiquitous. It is also utilized for soap, shampoo, face masks, toothpaste, body cream and lotions.

Benefits Of EriClay Face Mask


The Features of Face Mask

Ericlay can be manufactured from kaolin, sepiolite, zeolite- clinoptilolite, which have been widely used in many areas owing to its common features of eliminating toxins, bad odors, and retaining the water.

Ericlay, which we produced from zeolite- clinoptilolite, kaolin, and sepiolite, has a widespread usage in terms of mineral content, size of the micron as well as many package options.

You can also use EriClay as a;

You should visit a doctor for medical and therapeutic uses!

Natural face and skin mask


Add 2 tablespoons of water to 2 tablespoons of Ericlay, and then mix. While mixing, wooden, ceramic, or glass spoons should be preferred instead of metal spoons. Apply Ericlay, which is mixed and rendered a creamy consistency, on your skin by your brush or fingers. After the mask dries, wait a few minutes, and wash your skin. Keep applying the mask at suggested intervals in accordance with the type of your skin.

Ericlay white can be used for dry and sensitive skins once a week, red Ericlay can be used for combating oily skins and black spots in two or three days. While preparing, you can prefer natural rose water, green tea, or cucumber juice instead of water. Do not use oil to render Ericlay creamy. 

Foot care powder:

It is a convenient product for people who suffer from bad odor problems, thanks to its water-absorbing, anti- moisture features. If you want, you can apply it directly to your feet, like a powder. If you use it for several times during the day, you can prevent bad odor that stems from the extreme perspiring of your feet. It can be used by pouring powder into the socks or shoes.

Body cream:

Kaolin and zeolite-clinoptilolite, which are found in many cosmetic components because of their toxic binding feature, are natural detox materials.

In order to use as a body cream, you can apply it to your skin by supplementing natural saps and essences, which are akin to face mask. Then, you can detox your whole skin with Ericlay that you will add to the bathtub.

Bath salt:

  Bath salt, which purifies detrimental toxins and heavy metals thanks to the application of the bath salt, can be used by adding it to the water of bathtub to relax and have a softer skin.

Detox material:

Zeolite- clinoptilolite mineral can be used as a detox material-food supplement in accordance with relevant regulations. To get more information, please consult your doctor.

Pet Grooming Powder:

  You can utilize it as an anti-odor by sprinkling it on pet beds and cat litter thanks to its ammonium exchange capacity. Pests and lice can be annihilated by diatomite soil that you will add, a pleasant aromatic scent can be spread by adding lavender or chamomile powder to its composition.

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